Joint Stock Company “ALPERA”

JSC “ALPERA” has been established in 1997. Our company provides all kind of products made of yellow metal, copper, brass, cupronickel, bronze, silver and gold.

Our main production is: business gifts, orders, medals of honor, pins, sports medals, insignias of rank, prizes, souvenirs, apparel and etc.

These kinds of products are usually made for individual orders. We provide about 80 percent of our production for individual orders. Rest of it is for sale in our country and for export.

Our steady clients are the highest state institutions such as: Parliament, Presidency, Government, Ministries, Departments, Banks and etc.

Our workers

We have the highest qualification professionals who have from 5 to 30 years of experience. We have jewelers, engravers, enamellists, designers, sculptors and the advertising specialists.

We are collaborating with JSC "Mituvėlė", also M.Kodžio and R.Dūdos private companies that provides us in encasement.

Our future

“ALPERA” is perspective and growing really fast. Since 1997 we have from 3 to 28 workers. We became one of the leading companies that do metalwork. In next three years we are thinking to raise annual turnover twice. On these purposes our company constantly renews machinery, getting modern equipment.

We are looking forward to hire talented, creative, hard working: Jewelers, Engravers, Enamellists, designers and helpers.

Joint Stock Company “ALPERA” is sure about its success and as a main point considers helping clients understand beauty and decorate our environment.