Privacy Policy

General provisions

1.1. This privacy policy regulates the main principles and procedure for collecting, handling and storing personal data applicable to the e-shop (hereinafter referred to as the e-Shop) of Alpera UAB, registration address: Titnago g. 10, LT-02300 Vilnius, Lithuania (business address: Titnago g. 10, LT-02300 Vilnius, Lithuania), Company Reg. No. 124082035, VAT Reg. No. LT240820314, (hereinafter referred to as the Seller) and to its users (hereinafter referred to as the Buyer or you).

1.2. The Seller will ensure that personal data provided in the e-Shop will not be used for any unlawful purposes.

1.3. The collection, handling, and storage of personal data are subject to this privacy policy, the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Legal Protection of Personal Data, and other legal acts.

1.4. The Seller will adhere to the following main principles of personal data handling:

1.4.1. Your personal data will be collected for clearly defined and lawful purposes;

1.4.2. Your personal data will be handled in an accurate and appropriate manner;

1.4.3. Your personal data will be handled lawfully, i.e. in cases when: You grant your consent to such handling (for instance, at the time you register as a user of the e-Shop, at the time you place an order, etc.); The Seller will handle your personal data in adherence to applicable legislation; Your personal data must be handled due to lawful interests pursued by the Seller or by a third party to which your personal data is provided, provided that your own interests do not supersede the interests of the Seller or of such third party.

1.5. Your personal data may be updated on a regular basis.

1.6. Your personal data will be stored for a period not exceeding the period required for the purpose of data handling.

1.7. Your personal data will only be handled by employees authorized to handle it.

1.8. All information about your personal data being handled will be confidential.

1.9. The fact that your personal data is handled will, according to the set procedure, be communicated to the State Data Protection Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania.

Handling of personal data

2.1. The Seller will respect your privacy. Your personal data (given name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and other information specified in the e-Shop registration form) will be collected and handled automatically for the following purposes:

2.1.1. processing of orders;

2.1.2. issue of payment documents;

2.1.3. solving of problems connected with provision or delivery of items ordered;

2.1.4. direct marketing;

2.1.5. fulfillment of other contractual obligations.

2.2. You must provide comprehensive and accurate data at the time of registering and placing orders in the e-Shop.

2.3. The Seller implements certain organizational and technical measures to handle and store your personal data and thus ensure the protection of your personal data against accidental or unauthorized destruction, modification, disclosure, or any other unauthorized handling. Your personal data will be stored for 5 years after your last shopping in the e-Shop.

2.4. As part of the provision of e-commerce services, the Seller stores certain information in your end device (uses cookies) to ensure you are able to receive the desired services in the e-Shop. The Seller ensures that this opportunity will not be accessible to any third parties.

2.5. The Seller may use data that is not directly related to you, i.e., data about items purchased, for statistical purposes. This statistical data will be collected and handled in such a manner as to ensure that it is not possible to disclose your identity or any other data by which your identity could be disclosed.

2.6. The Seller reserves the right to provide information to third parties who are directly related to the Seller’s services that are provided to you and the Seller will only do so in accordance with the procedure set in the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

2.7. You may change and/or update the information you provided in your e-Shop registration form.

Presentation of information and claims

3.1. To receive information about your personal data being handled by the Seller, you must submit a written request by emailing On receipt of your request concerning the handling of your personal data, the Seller will, not later than within 30 days from the date the request is received, send a written reply to you.

3.2. The Seller will provide the Buyer with information about the Buyer’s personal data being handled free of charge.

3.3. Should you familiarize yourself with your personal data and establish that your personal data is inaccurate, incomprehensive or imprecise, or is handled in an unlawful or inappropriate manner, you may demand that this non-compliance be corrected and/or demand that the handling (with the exclusion of storage) of your personal data be terminated.

3.4. You may withdraw the consent at any time given by submitting a written request by emailing

Amendments to the policy

4.1. The Seller may amend this privacy policy either partially or in full and publish the relevant information in the e-Shop and send it to your e-mail address.

4.2. Any supplements or amendments to the privacy policy will take effect on the day they are announced, i.e. on the day they are published in the e-Shop system.

4.3. If you continue to use the services provided by the e-Shop after the privacy policy was supplemented or amended, it will be deemed that you agree with the amended/supplemented version of the privacy policy.