Almost all production is handmade, using elements made by cold stamping of non-ferrous metals.

Basic technologies - stamping, casting, enameling, engraving - allow the company to carry out orders of any complexity.

Coatings: Gold plating, Silver plating, Nickel plating, Oxidation, Chrome plating, Jewelry enamels.

Original fasteners and packaging are applied to the products.

The company can provide products to wholesale and retail trade organizations.

We accept individual orders.
Order quantities are not limited.
Prices are negotiable.

All of our services

Designing: signs, badges, orders, medals, signs;

Our designers, who graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts (VDA) and have long experience in the process of creating and manufacturing signs, badges, orders, medals, signs, will create unique products for you that meet your wishes and modern trends.

Coordination of layouts with the Commission of Heraldry under the President of the Republic of Lithuania.

We create, advise on the creation of award regulations;

Creating award policies for organizations will allow you to recognize the most deserving and also help you plan for future award needs.

Guillotine cutting of metal;

Accurate, modern and powerful guillotines allow you to make cuts for cutting large dimensions of pure metal (brass, copper, melchior, stainless steel and others).

Turning, milling, engraving;

Experienced specialists in this field, using modern and precise turning, milling, engraving machines, will perform work of various complexity.

Preparation for badges - we make them according to the desired shape and size;

We carry out the production of badges, coins and other preparations according to the customer's needs.

Covering with jewelry enamels;

Top class enameling (hot jewelry glass enamel, cold enamel, insulation) services.

Clasps for badges and orders are sold;

High-quality clasps in various metals (silver, brass), also available in various desired coatings (gold plating, silver plating, nickel plating, toning).

Ribbons for medals, orders (we sew, fasten);

Various ribbons (woven moiré, silk, satin) are intended for orders, medals, badges.

Boxes, folders for packing orders, medals, badges (production, sale);

According to the customer's needs, leather, leather substitute, cardboard boxes, folders for your products are produced. Logo imprinting is possible on the package.